Monday, 9 March 2009

What I'd Like to See?

Other than the entire female cast of Red Alert 3 naked, covered in honey and crawling towards me with feverish looks of lust in their eyes?

Well, not much, but one thing that comes close is a yearning for another Alexander-type add-on for the Total War games, perhaps an entire game of just such a thing. People have been saying Empire needed to reconnect more with the 'core values' of the original. I say hogwash to that... but there's no reason this couldn't be explore in, say, a spin-off series or specific expansion... is there?

No, there isn't.

- David 'stockpiling honey' Brown


  1. What is it with this blog and nudity recently?

  2. There's always time for nudity, my friend.

  3. All those curves...

    Do you think we could fit them all together like a giant jigsaw puzzle and create some sort of unstoppable weapon?

    A weapon of mass distraction!

    Oh God, I can't believe I just said that.

  4. I have no decisive insight into what is 'real'; 'time' being relative; and having less 'strategic' nous than deep fried haddock, the Total War series is lost on me. As are the C&C games.
    I also don't find that picture appealing. It's just so contrived. It lacks the truth and vitality a pair of binoculars and a sturdy ladder offer.

  5. Also, aren't they all meant to be enemies? Do girls take time off from war to pose seductively for cameras?

  6. @peachFUZZ

    The Oriental one (Kelly Hyu?) is wearing too many clothes as well. Very disappointing.

  7. I'm surprised they didn't get someone to play Yuriko too, but perhaps a teenage girl in an incredibly short skirt crossed a line somewhere...