Thursday, 26 March 2009

No games here.

You know, this blog isn't just about games. Even if it was, I'd post this anyway. I'm just a FUCKING REBEL! YEAH! Although perhaps more in the theoretical sense than in any Zapatero-esque way.

The reason I'm posting this now can be split into two: first of all, I wanted to tell you how lovely the "crushing, monumental doom" of My Dying Bride's new album is. 9 tracks guaranteed to make you start hacking at your limbs with whatever sharp objects lie nearby? Remember that Pig Destroyer album cover? The one with the guy sitting there, his limbs scattered about him, his one free hand gripping a saw, his face a mask of Devilish pleasure? That's what you'll be doing when you listen to this, only it will be a metaphorical crescendo of leg-severing and you'll probably be crying while you do it.

Secondly, I'm posting this because I haven't done anything on here for a while and listening to mournful violins playing across the bleak, poetic savagery of MDB's newest release reminded me of all you cheerful little snuggle-bunnies...

...wrapped in barbed-wire and being electrocuted by evil Metropolitan police officers with tazers.

That's all, I'm off to bask in my Santuario Di Sangue. Look it up (Marco, you won't have to, I suspect).

Dave B


  1. Golly, is this what you kids are listening to on the hit parade these days? Can't really see me doing the lip bite two step to it.

  2. You can, you just have to remember to slit your throat halfway through and wallow in the blood of the innocent (or partially innocent, at least)

  3. Welcome back Dave! :P

    And yes, it's perfectly fine to talk about anything we like other than games. Consequently you'll soon be seeing me posting about Batman, pizza, or swivelly chairs shortly.