Thursday, 11 June 2009


"Sure it glows, but can it run Crysis?"

Crysis 2 to hit consoles. With a big stick. Of performance issues. And odd creative decisions.

Here's a thought Crytek; if you're so desperate for money, how about you try releasing a game that actually RUNS ON OUR FUCKING PC'S.

Alternatively, live in a country that doesn't seem to hate you.



  1. Yeah Crytek. The reason you're so desperate for money now is that you successfully advertised Crysis as a game only the people with the VERY BEST MOST EXPENSIVE computers could buy. Then people got scared, especially with shops having pretty much a blanket ban on returning PC games.

    I still loved the first Crysis... at least until the aliens turned up, then it became rubbish.

  2. Additional: lovely angry writing there, Brax!

  3. OH, and on the subject of Kotaku, they very nearly got a Double Facepalm from me when they wrote in a preview that Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition was coming to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, not PC, and made no mention of the fact that it was a PC game in the first place.

    Fortunately for them they corrected the preview before my rage was outed here. You can still see my post on the Edit page though I think.

  4. I'm only posting this to break Chris's stream of comments :P.

    Oh, to be more on topic though: Crytek's main concern should be the German politicians trying to shut them down (and any other "violent" games studio).

    And re:Kotaku, I've never been impressed when reading any of their articles, and usually regard its headman (Brian-something) as one of those idiot bloggers-turned-journalists that thinks they know what they're talking about. The only one that makes less sense than him on GT's Bonus Round is that bumbling fool Michael Pachter, the so-called "analyst".

    Incidentally, where do I apply to be a videogames analyst? Since I seem to know more than either of the two buffoons!