Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Oh the Payne, the Payne of it all!

Why are they even bothering? I think Rockstar are a little too up their own arse with their dark, gritty stories.

You know, I'm actually looking back at the Max Payne movie with something approaching respect at this point. Even Mark Wahlberg, the unexplained weird Valkyr angels, and the dull non-ending (all they had to do was copy the game's, and they fucked it up! There was even a helicopter circling the building, but did Max blow it up? NO!).

None of these compare to... whatever this is.

Now, I'm going to have a go on Stranglehold.

- Chris C


  1. That write up doesn't help,
    "'s looking pretty good so far."

    No C&VG, it isn't. Can't you hear us weep?

  2. I'm prepared to believe the game might be good, but it won't be Max Payne.

    For fuck's sake, they even actively decided not to hire the same voice actor! To give us SOME belief that this was the same character. They don't give a shit about Max Payne. They're making their own shoot-em-up with their own story, just with a well-known brand name. Even console players and Kotaku readers are pissed off about this.