Monday, 25 May 2009

Post-University Whoring

The degree’s in the bag and there’s little being released this summer, so it’s back to old games I missed first time around.

Brax and I have been playing through the Call of Duty: World at War single player (and the odd round of nazi-zombies) cooperatively. I’m enjoying it – far more than I originally thought I would. Then again, Infinity Ward basically coded the core concept, and TreFail just reskinned it. Thanks go to Steam for offering this at £14.99 (which is actually a reasonable price).

Neverwinter Nights 2 has actually held my attention second time around. I originally played it on release, but found it ridiculously buggy and system intensive, despite the sub-par engine. I’m on the final battle for the keep and might progress onto the expansions if I can pick them up cheap. If not, the community is still thriving and there are plenty of awesome single player mods out there that could capture my attention.

That’s if I don’t lose any remaining free time to Titan Quest: Immortal Throne. Diablo, but in Greece, Egypt, China and Hades. How I missed this first time around I don’t know. Ludicrously addictive and polished, if you enjoy loot, it’s awesome. It’s a shame Iron Lore went out of business.

Freelancer played online with friends is also pretty cool. It’s like a lite-EVE, something I’d probably find myself addicted to if I had the time. Freelancer is what X3 should have done to my spare time. Easy to get into and masses to explore, it’s a blast – apart from trade lane disruptions and Brax’s irritating habit of cutting cruise engines and shooting me when I’m in formation.

Snoozer out.


  1. With the extra incentive of having my Xbox 360 get the RED RING OF DEATH and having to send it off to get repaired, and with both Chronicles of Riddick episodes done, I've been using the lull to finally get on with The Witcher, which has sucked me back in completely. Dammit it's a great game.

    When I feel like a change, I also plough on with Cryostasis, Far Cry 2 and A Vampyre Story, as well as my novel Deathbound - at last. Been too lax with that this year.

  2. I need to retry The Witcher now I'm free and it's been 'enhanced.'

  3. I just bought Vampyre Story and am stuck already! Console games must have rotted my brain...

    Oh Chris, have you seen The Grinder by High Voltage yet? New Wii game to look forward to (hopefully) even if they basically ripped off L4D (4playeronlinecoop) but with vampires and werewolves.