Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Finding £5 in an Old Pair of Trousers

The title refers to that lovely feeling when we're digging through some old junk we haven't looked at in ages, and finding some real gems we had no idea we had.

Like just now I was digging through my very very old games pile, and discovered this lot:

1. A Star Trek game compilation, comprising Starfleet Academy, Generations, 25th Anniversary, A Final Unity and Deep Space Nine: The Fallen. The last three I was thinking of tracking down as they're supposed to be really good, but it turns out I had them all along!
2. A special Eidos demos CD, with demos of Deus Ex, Anachronox, Thief II, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, Urban Chaos, and most prominently... Daikatana. And more! Man that was a good time for Eidos. Mostly.
3. Duke Caribbean - Life's A Beach, Duke Nuclear Winter, and Duke!Zone expansion packs for Duke Nukem 3D. And they work with Good Old Games' version of Duke! Woo!
4. Redneck Rampage Rides Again. I knew I had the original, but the expansion?! No way!
5. Realms of the Haunting. The precursor to Clive Barker's Undying. When did I buy that? And why haven't I played it to death?!
6. Star Wars - Episode I Insider's Guide. Um, okay, I do remember buying that one. Whoops.

- Chris Capel


  1. Not quite the same, but I found Quake II and Thief:The Dark project in a charity shop for a pound each. I spent the next week swearing at my PC as an irritating Hammerite ghost kept sending back into this INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS cathedral to find a fucking candle! Not just any candle, oh no, it had to be a specific candle, tucked away on top of a garden shed, because that's such a logical place to leave a candle.

    Great game, but bastard hard sometimes.

  2. I got Realms off eBay not long ago, Some special US Edition, at a terrific price. But then I remember that was offset by the postage costs...
    Mmm, I have a really good memory, so I'm not sure I'd forget something I'd bought. Here's something sort of related to this topic, but not game related though: I recently found a mobile tech magazine from 2005 that I bought when I first came over here, and it contains a review for the navigation software by the company I now work for! Jo-incidence?!

  3. I've recently ordered Nocturne (and Blair Witch: Rustin Parr) off Amazon for 2 whole poundingtons.

  4. drdark - I thought I did too!

    Let me try and work out how I forgot these:
    1. I think my Dad actually picked this up at a car boot sale he went to. I vaguely remember trying 25th Anniversary, but without the manual it's impossible to play.
    2. This was obviously free somewhere... but when or with what?
    3. I remember Caribbean and Winter, but I don't remember Duke!Zone. I think that was a present too.
    4. Aha, now RRRA I think I got free with the original RR and never noticed.
    5. Realms... I think I bought after people raved about it as being a precursor to Undying. I got stuck I think, changed computer, and never continued it.
    6. I WANT to forget this one.