Friday, 3 April 2009

Those Good Ol' Games

I've been hearing about website Good Old Games for a long time now, but for some reason I've always held off from joining. I'm loving their goal, to make excellent older games XP/Vista compatible and easily downloadable, but I've just been waiting for the right games to come along. Most of the ones on there I already own and (the last time I checked) they worked fine.
But now I've taken the plunge. What game tempted me?

Perhaps Kingpin or SHOGO, both excellent FPSs I've always wanted to play but didn't?

Maybe a quirky, original title I've also never played, like Shiny's Messiah and Sacrifice?

Even a game I've already played but want to play again, like Unreal II or Redneck Rampage? Or my first-ever FPS game, the one that started my life-long love affair with the genre, Rise of the Triad?

None of them, although I'll probably buy them at some point. It's a game I've searched for on the PC for over a decade but have never been able to find. My favourite game on the Amiga, and possibly of all time.

I utterly love this game. If I chose the best game of all time, it would be Deus Ex. If I chose my favourite however, it might well be Cannon Fodder. The forerunner to the RTS genre (came out the same year as Westwood's Dune II), a more fun and almost as difficult version of Commandos, simple and yet devastatingly frustrating sometimes, if it weren't for Cannon Fodder I doubt I would be as into games as I am now.
Cannon Fodder 2 was the first game sequel I ever looked forward to as well.
- Chris C


  1. I remember the furore over the use of the poppy, and the theme tune. Oh, and some comments about it glorifying war in the way you could shoot the bodies and bounce them around while blood splattered over the field. I suspect this could have been the first Mail et al banning campaign. I will always remember it as a pure and unadulterated delight. War had truly never been so much fun.

  2. I must say I'm incredibly disappointed with this conversion, although I don't know if the PC version was just crap to begin with. The graphics aren't as vibrant or detailed, the music is tinny... It doesn't even have the song, for god's sake!

  3. I wouldn't recommend Kingpin. I bought it on the strength of the demo, but the demo is the best part of the game. Most of the later levels involve running around corridors and getting lost.

    I was reading through some old Zone issues recently and kept on reading about good old games that I'd completely forgotten about. Like, Warrior Kings: what was that all about? Homeworld: what the dickens?

  4. Fupping hell, I forgot Warrior Kings existed... and am glad I did so, as I never liked it. Probably the game that tipped me over the "I HATE BASE BUILDING!" precipice. Oh, that and Cossacks.

  5. Luckily I never ever considered Warrior Kings.

    I'll take your advice there Gabez about Kingpin though. SHOGO still has people talking about it, and I generally like Monolith, so I live in hope.

    And I'll get Blood 2 if that ever turns up too.

  6. Ok I get people missing Warrior Kings (I recall it, but never played myself), but how the hell do you NOT hear about Homeworld?