Friday, 10 April 2009


So, the first Bioshock 2 footage is up on GameTrailers now. (Can I embed it? Let's see...)

(Apparently I can)

Now, me and Dave differ in our opinions on the first Bioshock. I love it but can accept that it has several faults, he thinks it didn't live up to any of the promises the developer made of it (both of those really downplay our feelings on the matter, but that's a comment for another day).

This video is the first ever in-game footage of the sequel, and so it has to be spectacular. The first half is pretty good, introducing the lithe and devastating Big Sister well, the problems lies in the second half of the very short video.

One of the biggest annoyances in Bioshock was the Little Sister escort mission near the end of the game. It was dull, frustrating, and felt tacked on to pad out the ending. So what would you not expect the first ever gameplay video of Bioshock 2 to focus on during its very short run time? That.

The final words of the Little Sister were better though. Creepy and ominous, that's what I'd like the trailer to be like. Showing story, elements of the sinister, new well-designed areas, hinting at bigger things... not a kill-a-thon bringing back the most tedious part of the original game.

Oh, and the Drill was shit too. Who in their right mind would design a massive killer drill as a weapon and then make the attack of that weapon a slam to the face with the handle of the drill?

- Chris C


  1. Beat me to it. I was going to do the same blog post :(

  2. Great minds think alike! :)

  3. Nick Brakespear12 April 2009 at 02:48

    Bioshock was a great game. Not great as in Great, just a great game.

    However, in the context of System Shock 2, it's a horrible consolified piece of crap. They basically looted a few components from System Shock 2 (like the plot twist, general plot structure, regeneration chambers, audio logs and upgrade system), and made them shit.

    They raped their own heritage.

    Now it seems this new team is making Bioshock 1.5, with EXTRA ACTION BITS YAY!

    Considering the first trailer is a rather important one, they've fucked up. They've shown us A) some generic action gameplay. B) A mild variation on standard Bioshock enemies. And C) a copy and paste job in terms of level design.

    We've seen absolutely nothing new, and it's another step away from what made SS2 such a classic.

    You know what bugged me the most about Bioshock though? As atmospheric as it was, it simply wasn't scary. Ever. At any point.

  4. Umm, I found Bioshock somewhat creepy... hardly played any yet though.

    Seeing as I pick at weird things, you(Nick) just reminded me of what irked me the most about the Bioshock 2 trailer and what I found to be a "copy and paste" job: The logo...

  5. The ONLY thing that's giving me hope about Bioshock 2 is that the guy directing the game and 2K Tuekay (or whatever they're called) designed the best levels in Bioshock (Fort Frolic) and Thief: Deadly Shadows (The Cradle).