Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Why Some Websites Shouldn't Be Allowed Computers To Type On

Having done a fair share of reviews in my time, and read even more, nothing annoys me more than people saying that a person's opinion is wrong. Reviews are just that: opinions. If you disagree with what that writer said, or if that writer made a genuine error (like saying "in Mirror's Edge you can't pick up guns", cough), you can certainly say so.

What you absolutely cannot say is that the reviewer is wrong just because his or her review is different from your own or your favourite reviewer's.

If you do this on a forum you are an idiot. If you write an article for another gaming website stating that this reviewer for a respected gaming magazine is completely wrong and their opinion is a lie, well then you're an unprofessional fuckwit who deserves to never write about games ever again.

And then, like a shining beacon from the darkness, one of the best piss-takes I've ever read goes up and parodies the article perfectly, turning it all into a big joke and reminding me that there are people out there who can still write.

In short: this is how you criticise another gaming mag's writing. This is how to get yourself flamed. Preferably on a stake.

Plus Killzone 2 looks incredibly dull and any reviewer who says it's good is obviously delusional.

- Chris 'Better than Citizen Kane' Capel


  1. Damn, I was going to write the exact same article.

    Edge (and PC Zone so I don't lose my future sexiness) is the only publication I trust. They review games as independent entities and I've yet to disagree with them.

    They should have given it a 0 for the shits and giggles.

  2. Heh.

    Well, I hardly ever agree with Edge's scores (yes, I do read the reviews, don't always agree with them either), so I only ever seem to buy 1 issue a year, for some interesting article or review.

    That being said, the offending website is just another example of PS fanboyism (if that's a word). One of the best FPS games ever made? Well, I haven't played it, but I highly doubt that.

    Thing is, it's easy to get caught up in the hype, even for the videogame reviewing professionals. KZ2 has been a long time coming, with many promises attached to it, and apart from MGS4, it's the one remaining PS3 exclusive with a WOW factor, so as long as it didn't disappoint, it was always likely to get good reviews. This does NOT mean it's "one of the best ever made".

    An example of professionals getting caught up in the excitement of the moment (and some Zoners might not like this...) is Zone's 101 best games list. They listed 2 things I disagreed with at the time (I had no problem with their placement position in the list, that's personal opinion. They just seemed too recent to be there):

    Supreme Commander

    While I'll admit Stalker has stood the test of time, and still seems to be mentioned often (I only just got it but haven't played much yet), SC I hardly hear word of. It certainly isn't immediately mentioned when some kind of "Have you played this yet?!!!" conversation comes up. Basically, it was great fun at the time, but people got a bit too caught up in it, and I don't believe it deserved to sit on that list.

    What are the games we are still talking about? The Witcher, Sins of a Solar Empire, World of Goo, etc.

    Anyhoo, I've gone on for too long as usual.

    To end on a succint note: I hate Sony and it's directly their fault for creating the cretins they have for fanboys. This is my personal opinion.
    And I'm always right.

  3. Ah, Sony Fanboys. Show them this:

  4. You read the Onion, huh Peach? Good job.