Thursday, 5 February 2009

Why I hate console fanboys

My God, some of these comments are just so... I can't even describe them. It is quite amusing, though, to see the PS3 gamers constantly criticise Newell for being a "MS fanboi" ... yet never once mention the fact Valve are primarily a PC developer. Ignorance is a wonderful thing.



  1. God bless Gabe Newell.

  2. Oh for Heaven's sake, why did you get me started on reading those comments? Had to stop myself after a while. It was pretty obvious they were just going to go after Gabe's size and then say "Killzone 2" about 399 times; totally forgetting that the first one was quite an average shooter. I already blame Sony for everything bad in the industry, and earlier today read another article about their Customer Service which made me hate them even more. Anyway, let's not have this blog turn into one of 'those'...

  3. Why does the broken PS3 pic link to those lovely Swedish girls? Please understand this isn't a complaint.. link everything to those saucy Swedes, please :)

  4. How odd, I was reading the same thing, thinking exactly the same thing. Fricking fools.

  5. Was this you Dave? Name thyself!

    I'm not a fanboy of anything anymore (used to be a Sega Fanboy, but obviously that ended in tragedy), but there is one group that really makes me angry and it is Sony/PS fanboys. They are always ready to jump down your throat and accuse you of being a Microsoft Fanboy for even remotely mentioning that you don't like LittleBigPlanet or like Gears of War or whatever.

    I've encountered Sony Fanboys who actually stated with absolutely certainty that the PS2 was more graphically capable than the GameCube.

    And as for that Hiphopgamer thing... Valve have never made a less than classic game, unlike the Killzone 2 developer, who made Killzone - which was shit. I'm prepared to say that KZ2 is a great game, but I must admit if it was on PC or 360 I wouldn't buy it. It just doesn't look that interesting, except on a console starved of exclusives to get excited about.

    I'm sticking with PC. Oh, and my Wii for that Indiana Jones thing.

  6. Yes, 'twas I. It links to that Swedish pic because I cannibalised the HTML from the previous post I made. Whoops... but could have been worse. Don't worry, Dr Dark, it won't be a PC Fan Boy-fest in here or anything like that. I just happened to read it the other day and was angered by it - I also laughed at it, but in a shaking head kind of way.

    But... it never fails to amaze how sheeplike and idiotic so many people can be.


    It gets more comical (THRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLZONE!)

  8. FPS games on console make me sad. Like this:


    That sad. Possibly even this sad.


    But not quite. I don't really care enough to shed a tear. But I care enough to contemplate the shedding of a tear.