Saturday, 7 February 2009

Please give us your money now

We know you all love a bit of undead-gibbing action, so this news should be music to your ears. Also, the likely potential for Xbox 360 users to get f*cked over by having to pay for it just makes it all that much sweeter.

Maybe by the time it comes out, The Tingler will have finally finished one of the campaigns... ;)

Left 4 Dead's Survival mode

- Dave


  1. Miracles do happen!

    I must admit, I'm disappointed in this pack. I'm excited about the SDK finally being released, but not ONE new campaign for normal co-op? What about all the complaints against the Versus mode, they being fixed?

  2. Taking pleasure in the misfortune of others is neither big nor clever. Is it my fault I was born with this nose? These thighs? The inability to co-ordinate my limbs in a manner that can illicit anything but disbelief in those who see me run?
    Forcing 360 owners to pay for what we will get for free is morally wrong, not least because they invariably paid more for the product initially. We shouldn't therefore be mocking them or taking pleasure in that misfortune but instead empathising and offering soothing words of comfort. Give them a friendly arm around the shoulders, a warm hug and maybe, if the mood is right, a little cupping of the butt cheeks. Coffee and a biscuit. A loan of teddykins. Spooning. Perhaps a semi in a nice rural area with good schools. A family wedding so as not to overstretch the budget. Days walking in the country holding hands. Evening spent by the log fire sharing a Curly Wurly. Come home early one day to find them fumbling in the back room with a PS3. A PS3? After what they said about Newell? How could you? Have you no soul. Get out, OUT!

  3. What he said.

    Also, you haven't finished any of the current campaigns, Chris ... you even said today you didn't remember the second level on Blood Harvest!

  4. His epeen is signifcantly smaller than ours, Mr Plughead.