Thursday, 29 January 2009

Self Indulgent Games of 2009 Post!!

In a desperate attempt to wrestle this blog back to non-random-musings territory, I thought you'd like to know (you want to know, you need to know) the games we're most looking forward to this year.

We'll try to keep out too many big obvious names, but some will inevitably sneak in. We'll also leave out the games that have no chance of coming out this year, like Rage, Mass Effect 2 (sorry Brax, knew you were looking forward to it), Diablo III etc. We'll also keep it down to just five games so to keep it tight.

Anyway's here's mine:


Batman: Arkham Asylum

I've always loved Batman and videogames. The trouble is that there's never been anything better than an 'okayish' Batman game. Arkham Asylum finally looks like the game I've always wanted (if not that cool freeform one I really want). Dark, gritty, with excellent comic/series writer Paul Dini doing the story and series veterans Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprising their spot-on roles as Batman and the Joker. Can't wait.


This choice may surprise people. I love id Software's FPS games, and while Raven as a developer isn't anywhere near as talented they still make good, solid games that I enjoy. Quake 4 was great fun. I also don't mind the idea of alternate dimensions and aliens in a series that previously gave us Nazi zombies, centuries old super-soldiers, and Robo-Hitler.

Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures

Wallace & Gromit, in the hands of Sam & Max and Strong Bad comedy adventure extraordinaire developer Telltale. All we need now is Doctor Who to be given to Revolution and my adventure game loving self will explode with excitement. Sorry Sam & Max Season Three, I'm looking forward to you too, but there can only be one (Telltale adventure in this list).

Fatal Frame IV/Project Zero IV
Another surprise perhaps? Well, with Bioshock 2 a long way off, Silent Hill Homecoming sucking like mad, and Resident Evil 5 not being scary anymore, this instantly gets promoted to my most wanted horror game. A Wii exclusive. Wow. If you haven't heard of the series, imagine that ghost level in Vampire: Bloodlines expanded to four games. Damn scary stuff, and I likes me good scares.


Aha, the big one for me. I'm still cursing Activision's name for stopping me playing it last October (my birthday ruined, you bastards!). This is the game I've always wanted. This is wish-fulfilment of the highest order. A new Ghostbusters story with all the cast, with me playing a fifth member. I get to fight Slimer, Stay Puft etc. Drool. Despite Harold Ramis and Bill Murray possibly giving a phoned-in performance, nothing will stop me enjoying this game. Nothing.

Honourable mentions: Brutal Legend 360 (if it was on PC you'd be on this list, mate), Indiana Jones & The Staff of Kings Wii (can't help it, I'm obsessed), FEAR2: Project Origin PC (I love you Monolith, but you better perk up soon)
(Okay Dave, Nick, take it away with yours!)


  1. Batman Returns on the SNES was more than 'okayish'.

    Also, watch Dark Void from Capcom closely.
    Remember I told you first...

  2. Oooh, excellent. Nice one.

    I've always wanted an entirely haunted house-based game, so the Project Zero series was exactly what I wanted. A really frustrating control system though, I'm hoping that's changed for the Wii.

  3. Yeah, I'll get round to doing one at some point. Suffice it to say I hope Cryostasis will be great... oh, and Empire: Total War, obviously. We shall see!

  4. Having now seen the Arkham Asylum trailer somewhere on CVG, I understand your wanting to play it now - it DOES look quite good.

  5. Arkham Asylum could well turn out to be Chronicles of Riddick: Batman 4tw. I definitely have my eye on it, though Dark Athena is somewhat standing in front of it, flexing its muscles and polishing its bald head.

    For the record Mr Tingler; my bitching about Mass Effect stems from a fair amount of passion I have for the game. Tis a fantastic game, despite its flaws, and I played it through twice back to back when I finally acquired a PC capable of running it.

    I suspect you're right though; Mass Effect 2 will undoubtedly be a 2010 release, if that.

  6. I AM thoroughly looking forward to Dark Athena too, as shamefully I missed out the first time round - I let the Vin Diesel/shit film thing get in the way. The Darkness was brilliant, so Starbreeze games are must-haves for me now.

    Cool about Mass Effect. But I admit I have... misgivings about Dragon Age. I may post about it soon.

    - Tingler

  7. I didn't say that, damn you! I actually completed Butcher Bay and am soon to be playing Dark Athena!

  8. I didn't say that, damn you!

  9. We both double post though!

    Sorry, was already signed in and couldn't be bothered to change it.

    I added "- Tingler" at the end though!