Monday, 19 January 2009

Highway To The Danger Zoners

"Welcome, dear reader, to the new cave home of Tingler (moiself) and Plughead ('im), erstwhile PCZoners (writing, foruming, and occasionally working) and just damn fine fellows.

Because we're both too lazy to keep up a blog separately, we thought we'd combine our beards talents in order to give you an insight into our daily, non-Zone lives. That's the reason it's quite barren at the moment. Fret not, more will be up here as soon as I can think of something and Dave actually finds out about this blog's existence.

Until then, enjoy this picture:

- Chris 'The Tingler' Capel

UPDATE: Since we started this blog we've added two new videogaming veterans to our midst, which is good because it disguises Dave's laziness in actually writing for us. They are Nick "Brax" Brakespear and Marco "Snoozer" Fiori, and they've both written for, ooh, tons of things. And now this too. Welcome guys!