Thursday, 13 August 2009

Wot is Welsh?

Wales. Yeah, apparently it is in fact a real place inhabited by like five or six people. I'm as surprised as you are. I always thought "Welsh" was just a funny accent, and a word you might use to describe the clearing of your throat, but apparently it's a real language that people actually speak. In the mythical land of Wales. All five or six of them.

Anyway, apparently the five or six people in Wales who actually speak this strange language, "Welsh", would like a particular popular computer game to be translated into their native language.

So, I find myself wondering...of these five or six mythical "Welsh" people, how many of them actually speak Welsh? And how many of those don't actually speak English?

- Brax

1 comment:

  1. I like the caption under the pic: "The game has proved popular among adult gamers".

    You know, as opposed to the majority of gamers out there who are clearly just preteens or babies unable yet to walk away from the horror on their screens, mushing their brains, etc. etc.

    FFS, didn't some survey find the average gamer is about 30?